What We Most Want

I think what we most desire is connection. We want to feel the bond, the tie, the relation to another, or others. We want to do things with  beings, like a partner, siblings, parents and like minded people, to create, to experience together, to share.

Every day, we seek out a way to be in that presence. *insert group hug*

Going inward, the self is someone to be with also. We are never alone. We have ourselves. I am. Knowing the presence of myself, I self care. Especially when there is just me. (we cannot always be with another).

What we do in a day, time, we spend to be with others and ourselves. Eating is a big part of it, from getting (our ancestors used to hunt and plant what to eat), to cooking 3 – 5 meals throughout. Now we meet up in restaurants, have meetings or simply to enjoy lunch or dinner. No one likes to eat alone.

People who do gym or yoga or sports for exercise do either as a group or a personal practice.

Now work, 8-10 hours to be devoted for gainful employment, creativity or productivity. Then we do again the next day, for whatever time left, we sleep.





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