So Many Things To Do

It is one of those days. I have 30 things to do, all urgent and important. I know, I have to prioritize from the most to the least and work on the first one then the next. Is there any other way? I am just one person doing all these things.

Go through the process, do not give up. Breathe, always breathe.

Just do it.

It’s 3 am in the morning. I can do a lot till 9 am.


My Hello

I am finally here. I have resisted blogging since forever. I like to read other people’s posts. I get inspired by them. I also know how hard they work on creating posts, the time spent taking pictures, editing and sorting them out. Wait a minute, it’s what I think. I am not very tech savvy and I believe I cannot make a fifth of what other bloggers do. That’s fear.

Well, its my goal to be a hardbody from now on. Ah, more on the explanation of that later. This stand alone blog will be my creative outlet. I feel the need to express myself in so many ways. I have a lot to say and as a disclaimer, please take my posts as my take on things. The experiences are mine and whatever gold nugget there is works for me. Please do not take it as an advice or instruction for you. Everyone is different and we should get the best professional care we can. I have no credentials, no license and no official capacity to offer you. I am just saying what I know, for me. 🙂