Slow cooker chile con queso is the best possible party food

From America’s Test Kitchen.


America’s Test Kitchen is a real 2,500 square foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Our mission is simple: to develop the absolute best recipes for all of your favorite foods. To do this, we test each recipe 30, 40, sometimes as many as 70 times, until we arrive at the combination of ingredients, technique, temperature, cooking time, and equipment that yields the best, most-foolproof recipe. America’s Test Kitchen’s online cooking school is based on nearly 20 years of test kitchen work in our own facility, on the recipes created for Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and on our two public television cooking shows.

Chile con queso has fallen on hard times; often it’s just Ro‐tel diced tomatoes and chiles mixed with Velveeta, microwaved, and stirred. We wanted to keep the simplicity but ditch the plasticky flavor…

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Boring Is Productive

As I work on my goals, I noticed that meals take a back seat in priority. So it is best to plan what to eat for the day and be aware of the necessary health considerations.

Planning and prepping meals to avoid spending a lot of time deciding and looking where to get the food.

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book”

I am starting one for myself too,

Thought Catalog

The other day I was reading a book and I came across a little anecdote. It was about the great Athenian general Themistocles. Before the battle of Salamis, he was locked in a vigorous debate with a Spartan general about potential strategies for defeating the Persians. Themistocles was clearly in the minority with his views (but which ultimately turned out to be right and saved Western Civilization). He continued to interrupt and contradict the other generals. Finally, the Spartan general threatened to strike Themistocles if he didn’t shut up and stop. “Strike!” Themistocles shouted back, “But listen!”

When I read this, I immediately began a ritual that I have practiced for many years–and that others have done for centuries before me–I marked down the passage and later transferred it to my commonplace book. Why? Because it’s a great line and it stood out to me. I wrote it…

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My Hello

I am finally here. I have resisted blogging since forever. I like to read other people’s posts. I get inspired by them. I also know how hard they work on creating posts, the time spent taking pictures, editing and sorting them out. Wait a minute, it’s what I think. I am not very tech savvy and I believe I cannot make a fifth of what other bloggers do. That’s fear.

Well, its my goal to be a hardbody from now on. Ah, more on the explanation of that later. This stand alone blog will be my creative outlet. I feel the need to express myself in so many ways. I have a lot to say and as a disclaimer, please take my posts as my take on things. The experiences are mine and whatever gold nugget there is works for me. Please do not take it as an advice or instruction for you. Everyone is different and we should get the best professional care we can. I have no credentials, no license and no official capacity to offer you. I am just saying what I know, for me. 🙂